Kind of trips

Levels of difficulty

  • Easy

    Discovery with few walking a day. Passage of mountain passes at high altitude by car. No particular difficulty, only acclimatization.

  • Medium

    Hiking or trekking on several days with possible passages of mountain passes. Moderated rhythm with time to acclimatize

  • Difficult

    Trekking of more than 5 consecutive days with passages of mountain passes at high altitude. Sustained pace, good physical condition required

  • Very difficult

    Trekking or ascents with high difference in height. A very good physical condition is required for these journeys. Guaranteed good sensation


  • Roots

    Refuges, camps, homestays or 2** local hotels. These conditions of accommodation are basic, with often-warm human contact.

  • Standard

    Standard hotels from 2** to 3*** local. Comfort is basic but complete: bathroom, breakfast, personal services and Internet.

  • Charm

    Hotels with character from 3*** to 4**** local, with private bathroom. For example, old colonial houses. Ideal for honeymoons!

  • Premium

    Hotels from 4**** to 5***** local. You will find there all the conveniences of upper-class hotels; possibility to add services like massages, spa …


  • Guided

    You will have the same local guide throughout the stay or a different one depending the region. It allows you to get off the beaten track more easily!

  • Liberty

    You travel alone or with a Spanish-speaking driver. Possibility to include guides on some excursions.

  • Autotour

    We rent your a car for a part of your journey. By this way, you can decide by yourself the program.