ALPAMAYO (5947 M) – CHOPICALQUI (6355 M)   4.5


This travel offers the ascent of two of the most beautiful mountain of the White Mountain Range : Alpamayo and Chopicalqui. These two mountains peak respectively at 5947 m and 6354 m and represent an unforgettable experience for the sportsmen and the lovers of the wide open spaces. After a smooth period of acclimatization between Huaraz and Mancos, two cities situated at the foot of mountains, you will go to the conquest of these two giants of ice. You will be accompanied by a team of specialized mountain guides..


Arrival in the airport of Lima, welcome and transfer to your hotel. Night in hotel in Lima.

Departure by bus towards Huaraz, located in the Andes. Upon your arrival, transfer to Mancos. From here, you discover a fantastic view over the most high tropical mountain of the world, Huascaran (6768 m). Night in hostel in Mancos.

Day of acclimatization with this excursion to the Parón lake, the biggest of the massif. From here, you have a breathtaking view over the five summits of more than 6000 meters which surround the Huascaran: Nevados Caraz (6025 m), Artesonraju (6025 m), Piramide (5885 m), Chacraraju Oeste (6112 m) and Pisco (5752 m). Night in hostel in Mancos. 4 hours of hike

Transfer towards Carhuaz, the place of the bivouac. You cross Callejón de Huaylas and go up to the track in the Quebrada Ulta until Shilla. Then you continue up to the entrance of the National Park and up to the bivouac. You enjoy a view on Huascarán and Chopicalqui. Upon your arrival, you meet the communities of Carhuaz and Shilla. Possibility of strolling on the colorful market of Carhuaz (only on Wednesdays and Sundays). Night in campement.

Departure for an acclimation trek towards Quebrada Cancahuapampa. You cross the pass of Yanayacu (4850 m) before descent down the Quebrada Ichiculta until the place name Molino Pampa. During the ascent of the pass of Yanayacu, you enjoy the magnificient Easthern face of Chopicalqui and those of Huascarán. Night in campement. 6 ½ hours of hike; +950 m / -1300 m of height diference

You leave the community of Molino Pampa and cross the bridge of Chacaruri. Then you down the track which connects Callejón de Huaylas with Callejón de Conchucos by crossing the small villages of Machco and Challhua. Then, you go down on the Quebrada Grande until Colcabamba. Then you go up the Quebrada Huaripampa until the campement. Night in campement. 8 hours of hike; +900 m / -275 m of height diference

You take a small path rising to the pass of Alto de Pucaraju (4650 m). From here, you have a fantastic view over the main summits of the chain: Hualcan, Chopicalqui, Huascarán, Pirámide, Paria, Artesonraju, and Huandoy on the Westside, then Taulliraju, Rinrihirca, Grand Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz North. Descent on the Eastside of the Andes by the Quebrada Comun Pasto up to the lagoon of Huecrococha. Night in campement. 4 ½ hours of hike; +530 m / -730 m of height diference

Descent in the Nanayoc valley – ont of the most beautiful of the trek – until the community of Janca Pampa. Then, you go up the Quebrada Tingopampa, by a path crossing a forest and pastures, up the pass of Tupatupa (4350m). View over Taulliraju. Your bivouac is located at the foot of the magnificent circus of Pucahirca. Night in campement. 6 hours of hike; +385 m / -815 m of height diference

You take a path which rises abruptly in the direction of the North before joining a zone of pastures. Then, you go down in the Quebrada Yantaquenua until the small village of Huillca (4000 m). Then, you go up the valley of Tayapampa until the Safuna lake, located at the foot of the west faces of Pucachirca. From the campement, you have a fantastic view over the north face of Alpamayo. Night in campement. 7 hours of hike; +1250 m / -660 m of height diference

Crossing of a first pass at 4450 m between the Quebradas Tayapampa and Moyobamba before going up the valley of Moyobamba up to the pass of Cara Cara, which means “skinned pass” (4860 m). Descent in the Quebrada Alpamayo. During this day, you enjoy an unobstructed view over Quitaraju, Alpamayo, Abasaraju and the Santa Cruz summits. Night in campement. 7 hours of hike; +1100 m / -750 m of height diference

You go up the Quebrada de los Cedros to see, for the first time since the beginning of your trek, the most beautiful hillside of the magnificent pyramid of Alpamayo. Rest and preparations for the ascent of this summit. Night in the Alpamayo base camp, in front of the Nevado Santa Cruz Night in campement. 3 hours of hike; +200 m / -650 m of height diference

You go up to Moraine camp by carrying a part of the equipment, helped by the local carriers. Night in campement. 4 to 5 hours of hike; -450 m of height diference

Rising to the Alpamayo Camp 1, located on the glacial plateau between Quitaraju and Alpamayo. The path crosses a maze of rocks, then goes through a pretty steep and snow-cevered slope (about 40° over 50 m) before reaching the glacial plateau. The campement is located in front of the Alpamayo and its glaciers and offers an absolutely maginificent view. It is one of the most beautiful camps of height of South America. Night in campement. 4 ½ hours of hike; +500 m / -25 m of height diference

Early in the morning, ascent of the Alpamayo (5947 m). Beautiful view since the summit. Descent to base camp 1 on the hillside of Quebrada Arhuaycocha. After the crossing of the glacial plateau, you go down rappelling a steep slope of 100 meters to reach the glacier below. Continuation towards the base camp of Alpamayo (4270 m), via the hillside of Quebrada Santa Cruz (Ferrari way) or the hillside of Quebrada Arhuaycocha (french way). Night in campement. 12 to 14 hours of hike; +575 m / -1780 m of height diference

Safety day to eventually try once again the ascent of the Alpamayo or attempt another: the Quitaraju (6040 m - AD/D). The decision to renounce to the ascension or to attempt another one belongs completely to the mountain guide. Night in campement.

A hike in front of the magnificent face of the Taulliraju (5830m), its rock face, ledges and peaks well drawn by the Amazonian winds. Arrival at the pass of Punta Union (4750 m), using a beautiful Inca path from where you have a beautiful view over the mountains and glaciers such as the Huascaran (6768m), the Chacraraju (6112m) and its impressive face. You cross this huge rocky bar and reach the Morococha lakes. Then, descent to the campement in Cachinanpampa (3300m). Night in campement. 7 hours of hike; +550 m / -1400 m of height diference

Continuation of the descent in the Quebrada Huaripampa until the village of Vaqueria (3000m). Then you take a path to rise towards the Yanapacha campement. Night in campement. 6 1/2 hours of hike; +900 m / -100 m of height diference

Climb to the pass of Portachuelo (4767 M) from which you will observe a gorgeous view over the Huascaran, Huandoy, Chacraraju and Chopicalqui. Then, descent back down to the Chopicalqui base camp. Night in campement. 5 hours of hike; +550 m / -300 m of height diferenc

Early morning departure (by night) to reach the camp 1. During the ascent, a privileged view over the north-eastern face of the Huascaran. Continuation through a rocky ground until the glacier. Arrival at the high altitude camp at 5600 m. Night in campement. 6 hours of hike; +915 m / -25 m of height diference

You follow the southwest bridge, by passing several large cracks, then climb up a 50° slope. A long and snowy crest leads you to the ridge at the summit. From here, amazing views over the Huascarán, Huandoy, Chacraraju… Back down to the base camp, and transfer to Huaraz. Night in hotel in Huaraz. 14 hours of hike; +1000 m / -2100 m of height diference

Free day in Huaraz in order to rest, or eventually attempt again the ascent of the Chopocalqui. Night in hotel in Huaraz.

Bus line to Lima. Arrival in Lima in the evening. Night in hotel in Lima.

Transfer to the airport to take you international flight


You will be accompanied by a local private English speaking guide at every stage of the journey. This means you will have a different guide for each region you will visit, depending on their specialization. The level of English of the guides varies from one region to another. A few exceptions: - The trips in public transports (buses, shuttles, trains and internal flights) are not escorted.


In Peru, the hotel standards are different to what you may be accustomed to. Here are a few useful details on every type of accommodation: - Camp: thanks to the perfect organization of our cook(s) and muleteer(s), you could really rest after a good day of walking. We have a tent for the kitchen, another one for to take the meals, another one for the bathrooms. For two persons, you will have a tent with 3 places for more comfort. We also supply you a comfortable mattress and a basin of hot water at the beginning and at the end of the day for your toilet; and of course we prepare you warm and complete meals. - Homestay accommodation: Basic comfort, communal toilets, no hot water and sometimes no running water, simple but clean rooms, sometimes no electricity and the doors do not lock (however, there are no security problems). - 2** and 3*** hotels (local standards): comfortable rooms, simple and clean, private bathroom with hot water; some hotels offer rooms equipped with a safe, heating system, mini bar, … As far as our possibilities, we choose hotels whose geographical location will allow you to fully enjoy the town and its attractions.


In order to allow you more freedom during your trip, only a few meals are included in our programs: these are the meals during the treks (cold at noon and hot in the evening) and during certain excursions when the conditions make it necessary (on the Puno-Cusco road, in the Sacred Valley, etc). For the non-included meals, expect 5 to 10 USD per person. This allows you to choose the time, place and menu according to your desires!


Most of the time of your trip, your travels will take place in private vehicles: you will have at your service a private vehicle with a Spanish speaking driver who will adapt to your rhythm (photo stop, shopping, etc. …). Exceptions: - For the touristic buses Chivay-Puno and Puno-Cusco - Lima trips, you will travel in a comfortable and secure bus line with an English / Spanish speaking colelctive guide.


Thank you for your interest in having a personalized travel experience with Tierra de los Andes Peru.



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